Springtime Berry Preserve Duo

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Springtime in Sonoma County means the first crops of sun sweet strawberries. Unfortunately, many of the berries being harvested were planted for restaurant accounts no longer active. Our two most popular preserves, bring income to our farm partners and save perfectly good produce from the compost heap.  

This duo includes two 9 oz. jars. 

Three Berry Preserves

This one is for the blackberry jam fans who want to lighten up a bit (or the strawberry jam fans looking for something more sultry). Deep, rich flavors from a trifecta of blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Try it with fresh goat cheese or on top of Straus vanilla ice cream. 

Strawberry Chile Preserves

Rich, ripe strawberry flavor partnered with just enough heat to make a dynamic companion to your favorite cheese. Try it in a grilled cheese sandwich with 6 month Manchego or your favorite cured meat.