Live Oak Farm

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batch number(s): 001, 300

1030 Lohrman Lane
Petaluma, California 94952

Live Oak Farm is one piece of a vision for an “agri-hood” being built by Randy Goldstein. Live Oak’s Farm Manager, Jake Daigle, got into farming shortly after moving out to California from New Orleans. Experiencing Hurricane Katrina’s devastation first-hand had instilled in him a desire to be in a place where he had more direct access to the beauty of nature — and also be closer his family in the Golden State.

Since then, Jake has become a self-proclaimed student and steward of the earth. For him, farming is a way of life. Now at Live Oak Farm, Jake leads operations to grow a variety of culinary herbs, annual fruits and vegetables and medicinal herbs.

Jake met Merrilee while dropping off tomatoes for Preserve Farm Kitchens’ Marinara Sauce. She told Jake that they were the best tasting tomatoes she had received all season. PFK also has used strawberries from Live Oak Farms and has plans to create hot sauce with its peppers. Jake says he values his partnership with PFK as a way of growing together and reaching more people’s plates.