Gravenstein Apple Syrup 12 oz Wax Dipped Bottle

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Pure tart &floral apple syrup made from, well, one ingredient - organic Gravenstein apples. 7 pounds of heirloom Gravenstein apples go into each bottle. The apples are picked from the trees at Laura's Apples in nearby Sebastopol, juiced, and slowly simmered to preserve the nuanced flavor of this beloved apple. 


Presented in a premium glass bottle hand dipped in wax, this bottle makes a lovely gift for cooks and mixologists alike. 

Try it in your morning yogurt, over Strauss vanilla bean ice cream, or add a dash to your favorite whiskey cocktail. 

Ingredients: Organic Gravenstein Apples

Size: 12 fl oz. // 354 ml

Shout out to the farmers who tended the trees and harvested the fruit. Check out our farm partners here.