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Tomatero Farm is located in the Pajaro Valley, just south of Santa Cruz and 5 miles inland of the California coast. Our farm has been C.C.O.F. certified organic from the start in 2004.

Blue Leg Farms is a small, sustainable, certified organic farm located in Santa Rosa, CA. In 2014, Blue Leg Farms made its debut on the Sonoma County farmers market scene, offering sustainably produced chicken and eggs, seasonal produce, and cut flowers. Our excitement and passion for local, clean and delicious food drives us to work […]

Our farmers have kale, a crazy abundance of kale, so we knew we had to find a way to make a delicious sauce featuring this most healthy of vegetables. Our creamy, aromatic kale pesto will brighten any pasta, homemade salad dressing, or bring life to minestrone, chicken or fish. Our purchases and yours support agricultural […]