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Butter from Straus family farm and tomatoes from Oya Organics have been combined to create a rich and savory sauce that will please the most particular eaters. Our sauces contain only the simplest, clean ingredients sourced from local farms. We cook in small batches to ensure that “the fruit speaks for itself.” Please enjoy this […]

Preserve Farm Kitchens slow simmers it’s Marinara sauce containing only natural ingredients sourced from local farms and produced in a kitchen rather than a factory. Rich with local flavor, our sauce shows how even summer’s tomatoes sometimes taste better when preserved in a jar for the winter table. We work to restore family farming and […]

Shak-shu…what? Coming from the spice markets of Morocco and typically served with eggs, shakshuka means “all mixed up.” Local tomatoes and ripe red peppers are spiced with cumin and a touch of chile peppers. We love it on fish, or with garbanzo beans and feta cheese, or with roast lamb. Our sauces contain only the […]

Locally grown tomatoes picked, cooked and packed within 48 hours. A little salt. That’s it. Let your imagination build on this for tomato sauces from puttanesca to spicy salsa roja. Our purchases and yours support agricultural communities and help grow healthy food systems.

Oya Organics is a small diversified organic farm operating in the Central Coast region of California. They grow their row crops and raise hens using organic techniques, and maximize use of on-farm and local resources. They are young farmers from different cultural backgrounds, mother tongues and farming traditions. Oya is guided and inspired by their […]