Supporting local farms by preserving the whole harvest

Welcome to Preserve Farm Kitchens. We make gourmet foods from local farm produce that might otherwise go unsold or wasted. Our vision is to strengthen regional food systems by supporting local family farms. As a chef, I aim to deliver amazing food in jars produced in a kitchen rather than a factory, containing only naturally ripened, simple ingredients.

Merrilee Olson
-Founder & Chef

Products that capture the seasons

Slow Simmered Marinara in a jar

When a harvest is bountiful, or fruits and vegetables take on different shapes not accepted by your local supermarket, they shouldn't be wasted. In fact, those new shapes are often the most delicious! There is a tradition in farming communities of crafting recipes to preserve harvests and store them to recapture the season later. It's a tradition somewhat lost between mechanical manufacturing and the large yields of industrial agriculture. Our products are uniquely crafted to capture the season and preserve it for years.

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Making your products

We offer co-packing and recipe solutions to clients. Our kitchen is located in beautiful Sonoma County where we take daily inspiration from the surrounding farms, ranches and wineries. Our kitchen is a fully licensed cannery and FDA-registered food production facility. We are CCOF certified to produce organic products and are committed to gaining non-GMO certification very soon.

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